Kaltura: オープンソースのオンラインビデオプラットフォーム

kalturaKalturaとは、オンライン百科事典「Wikipedia」を運営する非営利団体の米Wikimedia Foundationと、リッチメディアの共同編集を行なうためのオープンソースプロジェクトです。開発言語はActionScriptとPhpです。




Server (PHP):

  • KalturaServer is responsible for content & rights management, storage and delivery, video processing, video and audio encoding, image handling, etc.

Client (Flex):

  • Core: KalturaCVF (Kaltura Collaborative Video Framework) – Encapsulates the flash video handling (NetStream events, metadata handling, timing, encapsulating different streaming types, audio control etc.) and Kaltura server API calls.

  • KalturaPresentationLayer: Set of libraries to that enables easy and dynamic UI loading and initializing. This layer is responsible for locales, parsing of XML based GUI and layout representation, dynamic data binding, CSS and Skin.

  • KalturaWidgets: Set of Flex applications that use the underlaying layers to form online rich-video experiences such as an Interactive Video Player, Video Editor, Playlists, Presentations, Video powered Websites, VideoWiki, VideoBlog (Vlog) etc.




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