Mojocolors: 色相、彩度、明るさなどを操作するActionScriptライブラリ

「Mojocolors」とは、ActionScriptで色相、彩度、明るさ(HSB: Hue, Saturation, Brightness)などを簡単、自然な方法で操作するオープンソースのActionScriptライブラリです。






// create the first color object, a nice blue:
var blue : Color = new Color(16, 34, 43);

// then the second color
var orange : Color = new Color(226, 240, 214);


// you can now use the .gradient method on color to create a gradient. A
// ColorWheel is created which stores all colors from blue to orange.
var gradient : ColorWheel = blue.gradientTo(orange);


// now we paint rectangles for each color in the wheel.
// you do not have to access a color in the colorwheel by an index. If
// you use the ColorWheel in a loop, then getColor not only gives you
// the current color, it also “rotates” the wheel to the next color.
// When the wheel went through all colors, it starts at it’s beginning.

for (var i : int = 0;i < gradient.length(); i++) { // get the current color var currentColor : Color = gradient.getColor(); // to get the hex values of the color, use getHex; * 10, 0, 10, this.stage.stageHeight / 2);; }


// when you create a ColorWheel with the gradientTo method, all
// colors are sorted. you can mix your ColorWheel by
// calling shuffle():
var theX : Number = 250;
for (var k : int = 0;k < gradient.length(); k++) { // get the current color currentColor = gradient.getColor(); // draw the bars again with a offset.; var random : Number = Math.random()*30;, 0, 5 +random, this.stage.stageHeight / 2);; theX += random; }

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