JavaSWF2: JavaによるFlash解析、生成ライブラリ

JavaSWF2とは、 JavaによるFlashを解析、生成するオープンソースライブラリです。おそらく何か頭中にそういうものがあるかというイメージがあるでしょう?そうそう、「はんにん」は、前回紹介した「Flagstone Transform: 文字列からswfを生成するオープンソースライブラリ」です。




import java.awt.*;
import com.anotherbigidea.flash.*;
import com.anotherbigidea.flash.interfaces.*;
import com.anotherbigidea.flash.writers.*;
import com.anotherbigidea.util.xml.Xerces;

* Example of converting an XML file to a SWF file.
* Key point is the use of the SWFSaxWriter class – this implements
* the standard SAX2 ContentHandler interface (via its parents) and
* can be driven directly from any compliant SAX2 XML parser.
* SWFSaxWriter drives an implementation of the SWFTagTypes interface.
* To convert SWF to XML use the main method of the
* com.anotherbigidea.flash.readers.SWFSaxParser class.
* The DTD for the XML is given in javaswf-dtd.txt
* Uses the Apache Xerces XML parser – download from
* Arg[0] = input xml filename
* Arg[1] = output swf filename
public class Xml2Swf
public static void main( String[] args ) throws Exception
FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream( args[0] );

SWFWriter swftags = new SWFWriter( args[1] );
TagWriter tagwriter = new TagWriter( swftags );
SWFSaxWriter saxout = new SWFSaxWriter( tagwriter );

Xerces.parse( saxout, in );

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